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A clean website I designed that had to get all the event information across as clearly as possible. Each event has its own page, there's a page that explains the points system, and the entire site is mobile friendly.

MADJAM is an Edmonton-based, year-long event that is made up of quarterly game jams, each associated to a global or local event. At the end of each jam, the games will be judged by our panel of experts and voted on by the public. The developers of the best games will be awarded points. These points accumulate and the developers with the most points by the end of the year will win totally rad rewards!

Tile Isle

Tile Isle

A simplistic website I designed and developed for Tile Isle to showcase their projects. Features subtle parallax images and a clean, flat design.

Tile Isle is a Haxeflixel game development team based in St. Louis, MO. and is a division of MADSOFT Games, inc.


Project: Velyria

Project: Velyria is a sci-fi themed browser-based MMORPG that revolves around dungeon crawling.

I designed and built the entire game's informational website as well as the browser-based game itself. It was built entirely in PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. I used a lot of CSS3 and jQuery for transitions, animations, and interactivity.

The informational website hasn't officially launched yet, but you can click on the link button on the left to view more screenshots!


The Madjestic network

The Madjestic Network is a platform built to connect all the users from across MADSOFT Games' products in one single place.

The site features profiles, a friend system, an activity notification system, a private messaging system, account management and privacy settings, a billing system, and a forum built entirely from scratch!

The billing system uses Stripe's API to handle credit cards and payments and the site itself has its own API that allows products by MADSOFT to use the site's account information, login and registration systems, and achievements.

The website hasn't officially launched yet, but you can click on the link button on the left to view more screenshots!


Mariedal Cup

The website for a Swedish soccer tournament called "Mariedal Cup." It's been active since 1978 and I think developing a Swedish site was a very interesting experience.

The initial design was done by Andree Blixt, an awesome designer I often work with, and the design was sliced, adjusted/refined, and coded by me. The site is developed in HTML and CSS, uses several CSS3 techniques to speed up the site, and has scores dynamically loaded from a MySQL database via PHP. It also has a registration form that sends out HTML emails designed using inline css to match the theme of the site.


Jean-Marc Denis' Portfolio

Jean-Marc Denis, the designer of the amazing Sparrow mail app, was looking for someone to develop his new website. I approached him saying I'm the man for the job and he hired me.

He did not want to have a CMS linked up to his site (pre-made or custom made, didn't matter) and he preferred the content to be managed entirely via the FTP. So I built a system that "automagically" generated pages for his portfolio using his website directories.

All he has to do is create a folder in the "portfolio" directory and give it the project's name, include all the project images, thumbnails, and a txt document containing the content. The page would then be dynamically generated on the website.

The site was coded in HTML and CSS, using jQuery for transitions and PHP for dynamic content generation.


MADSOFT Games, inc.

The official MADSOFT Games website is simplistic and clean. It features a full-width homepage slider and fetches news from the company's Tumblog.

The site also features a "Status" page where information from the company's active projects is fetched from Apollo and Github and displayed in a beautiful fashion. The page is cached every 24 hours for quick loading!

The logo was conceptualized by myself and brought to life by the awesome Andree Blixt.



A website for a webcomic that serves as a precursor to an upcoming game by MADSOFT Games, inc. called "Aikonia". The design is simplistic and features illustrations by Katie Tiedrich.

The site also features a comic page browsing system, a home-made comment and reply system, a jquery-powered cast member viewer, an archive page made of dynamically generated images, a goodies page that keeps track of Paypal donations and automatically unlocks new goodies, and a preview system that displays a small preview from the next page after a viewer has tweeted about the page or liked it on Facebook.



A dynamic, ajax-powered website with huge photographic backgrounds. Uses the SoundCloud API to display Nit Grit's music.

I had close to no creative freedom on this project and was very restricted.